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Custom Plastics is a small business operated by two partners Martin and Brian who are brothers. We have two passions. The first is to provide the highest quality of service and products for our customers. The second is our enjoyment of Bluegrass music. In every spare moment we live the dream by playing guitar, dobro, banjo, picking, singing and grinning with the Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys. This photo of the band was shot at the old woollen mill which was the home of Custom Plastics for over 16 years. Jules is on bass, Nick with mandolin and bowler hat, Martin with guitar and Brian with the banjo. If you are interested in what we are up to, please check out www.thunderbridgebluegrass.com.  The Band fell together almost by accident in the early part of 2005. Martin and Brian had visited the USA, become totally smitten by the Bluegrass bug and returned home determined to learn to play and sing in that style. Just by chance, Nick and Jules were also up for a change of direction from country rock and punk folk! The band was born.....named after a local landmark and childhood stomping ground close to the old mill. Maybe we'll see you out and about sometime.